About me

Who I am

About me

Esther Ibañez

Professional Coach

I want to begin by describing how others see me… how I am defined by those who are around me, in the different roles that I represent, with three words: Strong, Brave and Genuine.

One day, a teacher crossed my path, someone whose smile never failed to shine and asked me the following question: “What would you want to be remembered for when you’re gone?”. After a couple seconds, I answered “For having lived every second as if it was the last, making every day a dream”.

I will tell you why spend my time helping people, trying to make their day to day easier, helping them to fulfill their dreams and be happy, at any place, time or situation, against any adversity, regardless how easy or difficult it may look; because we all have emotions, fears, sadness, anger, joy, surprises…

On November 20, 2013, my life took a 360 degree turn. I was a woman with a partner, a beautiful  a year and a half daughter, a job that fascinated me, a spectacular family and many people who loved me. You could say that life was smiling at me.
After a visit to a great friend, osteopath and blind, because of a muscular pain, my life began to change; I still remember his words: “Esther , I cannot help you, what you have is bad, please see the doctor.” His eyes and his contorted face said it all…
After a moment of panic and frustration, I went to a family doctor. After some tests, I was diagnosed with grade 2 cancer, which was already affecting several parts of my body.
In my mind, only the doctor’s words rang constantly. All I had around me collapsed, guilt came, along with lamentations (why me?), fears, what would happen to my daughter if I wasn’t there for her tomorrow? And millions of other things. The people around me started crying in the corners, while in front of me, they were trying to look strong.

One morning, I woke up next to my daughter, I saw her smiling at me and she gave me a hug that was the best I’ve ever felt. Then came the phrase that would become my motto: “Change the way you see things and things will change.” My thinking changed, I decide to face it with and then the strength came, with the passion and zest for life that characterizes me. I could not miss my daughter’s smile every morning … getting me to these three words “Embrace your life.”
So, after a very harsh treatment, learning to control pain and accepting the changes in my body with a smile, I decided to devote myself to what I am most passionate about, helping others … I want to thank all of you who trust in me every day, telling me what worries you, matters you, or even want to know,  allowing me to watch you going life changing and getting everything that you propose …

Please do not fail to dream…  never lose your smile

My Experience

What I have done

My Experience

It is time to share my experience with you.

When I was a kid at school, in the annual competitions against other schools, I was always the first on the Cross, even in schools that were always trying to cheat on us so we did not win …, coming out of the trees, taking off our startnumbers, etc. Thus, with a very feisty and supportive mother, I began my career in athletics; I competed in combined disciplines and trained in all kinds of tests, javelin, pole vault, height, disco, fences … This dream and fun led me to practice it for 10 years of my life. It was an adventure, laughter, perseverance, emotions, get medals and trophies, friends, leave things out, make decisions, injuries, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I closed that stage to focus on my studies, I graduated in Marketing in Spain and, in England, I graduated in International Marketing. While I was studying and thinking about which sector or type or business area I liked, I tried several other different temporary jobs, from chambermaid, public relations, stewardess, sales promoter, passengers counter on the subway, Telemarketing and commercial … Then it came the time for the development of my professional career.

In the last 10 years, I have dedicated to the commercial world, I am passionate about it,  selling products like rum, vodka, flour, soda, bread and pastries and cheeses lately. In all the companies I started from the bottom, after one year for various reasons I rose to a position of responsibility, I have led teams of up to 14 people, where we were all together, we had a phrase: “a customer leaves us two good customers will come… ”

Combined with my years in the business world, I trained as Personal Shopper, and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Team Coaching and NLP with a discipline of three years. Currently I have two years doing coaching sessions, accompanying other people achieving what they propose, being heard or, without knowing much about them, help them to achieve their goals. Only with one word I am able to work…

After all this I tell you that in my life, yes I’ve had failures as they say right or wrong decisions, but I’ll take that all of them had results.

What do I offer you?

How can I help you

What do I offer you?

The coaching you need, the coaching that is right for you. I'll help you learn to change your way, to live otherwise leaving behind the anchors of your past. Because only you decide who and how you want to be, in the inside and the outside. Start writing your own story, begin to cultivate your happiness.

Knowledge and commitment

My tools to help you

Knowledge and commitment

Nº 10804


  • Personal.
  • Executive.
  • Business.
  • Work teams.
  • Groups of people.
  • Sales development

Success management

  • Personal.
  • Sports.
  • Career.
  • Finances.
  • Emotional and relational intelligence.
  • Cognitive Science.
  • Managing emotions.
  • Make the best of yourself.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

  • Hypnosis.
  • Change your story or behavior.
  • Create your own garden of beliefs.
  • Model your life line.
  • Pain control.
  • Phobias and allergies.
  • Anchors.
  • ‘Swist’.

Personal Shopper

  • Change your image.
  • Wardrobe management.
  • Knows the colors that highlight you.
  • Purchasing management.
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